Power Thyristor
Phase Angle Control Type


The phase angle control can be used for almost any ohmic and inductive consumer and is the most common way to control the power consumption. The consumer is connected to the supply network via the power Thyristor. The Thyristors are controlled in such a way that the consumer is not supplied with the complete sinusoidal oscillation, but only the art (depending on the steering angle), whereas the voltage average value can be adjusted continuously.

Power Thyristor Power Thyristor Power Thyristor
Oscillation Control Type


The oscillation control is used with inert consumer such as heater contrary to the phase angle control, complete sinusoidal waves are switched through to the consumer with the oscillation control. The control of the average voltage value is made by switching through a certain number of oscillation (Depending on the switch-on time) within a certain time slot (clock cycle).Thus convertor feedback to the power supply network in the form of harmonic component are avoided.