In Pharmaceutical Industries Temperature and Humidity are the vital parameter in the manufacturing and storing of the medicine. These parameter should be precisely controlled, to do so Thermokon provide High accuracy sensors/transmitter for temperature and humidity.

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Clean Room

A Cleanroom or Clean Zone is an area wherein airborne particles and cleanliness are controlled to specifications and other relevant parameters are controlled, monitored and recorded. Thermokon provide almost all sensor/transmitters require to monitor the Clean Room.

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All testing of products is to be performed in a controlled environment as specified by the test standard or test program. Where environmental parameters are not specified by the test standard or program. Environmental parameters are to be held at stable condition such that the test data will not be adversely affected.

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Production Area

Today’s modern manufacturing facilities require the ability to control the temperature of the workplace environment. Contemporary production companies have to keep pace with record consumer demands. These high-output production floors require sophisticated climate control solutions to negotiate the enormity of their task.

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Chiller Plant

Chiller plant is the heart of any HVAC system, in chiller plant the parameter like Chill/Warm water flow, differential pressure, static pressure, temperature plays an important role.

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Cold Room

Cold room is used to store a verities of consumable products including Fruits, vegetables, meats etc. to preserve them for long one should maintain the climate according to the product which has to be stored in cold room.

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Green House

A greenhouse climate is its own little ecosystem, entirely dependent upon you. You decide how much water, nutrients, sun and other elements your plants receive. To ensure your indoor garden never misses out, you can control the process. This is done with the help of sensors transmitters and controllers.

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Commercial Building

Thermokon provide wide sensor/ transmitter and thermostat range for Commercial buildings like Office, Malls etc. in order to increase the productivity and provide pleasant environment to work in.

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Controlled Environment plays an very vital role in Hotel Industries. Thremokon provide wide range of ROU (Room Operating Units) and Sensors to achieve the controlled ambient condition according to the requirement of Guests. This ROU can be linked with the BMS system or it can be used ass stand alone units.

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Patient comfort, infection control are some reasons why temperature and humidity control are important in Hospitals. Temperature and humidity ranges, and minimum air-change rate ensure the fast recovery of the patient.

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Climate control in airport ensure the comfort of the passengers and the airport Employee/Workers.

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Metro Station

Climate control in Metro Station ensuring the comfort of the passengers and Employee/Workers.

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Climate Control in Museums are very important due to the priceless antient preserved artifacts present in it which can be easily damage due to uncontrolled ambient.

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Universities and Schools

Student achievement and behavior are impacted by school climate. School climate can be influenced and improved by providing right ambient in which students can give their 100% in education and extra curricular activities.

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The key factor of the storage environment for prolonging the life of a library collection was once thought to be maintenance of the ideal level of temperature and humidity. Today, however, it is recognized that in regions with broad fluctuations in temperature, it is unrealistic to invest vast sums of money to maintain an even level of temperature and humidity in library stacks.

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Residential Building

In hot climates, it can often be hotter inside the house than outside in the shade under a tree. Extremes in temperature inside houses can impact on the health of people. By controlling the indoor environment one can eliminate the environment effect on human body. 

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